Belly Rubs: A Pupper’s Ultimate Weakness

April 27, 2023

Dogs are such lovable creatures. They’re loyal, playful and always excited to see you. If there’s one thing that makes them wag their tails uncontrollably, it’s belly rubs. You can see the pure joy on their faces when you start scratching their tummies. From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, dogs just can’t get enough! But, why do they love them so much? Today, we’re going to discuss this adorable phenomenon and answer the question, “why do dogs like belly rubs?”


The Ultimate Sign of Trust

One reason why dogs love belly rubs is that it’s a sign of trust. Think about it; when your dog lies down and exposes their belly to you, it shows that they’re comfortable around you. Dogs are naturally protective of their vital organs, so exposing the stomach is a vulnerable position for them. But when they let you touch their bellies, they’re telling you they trust you completely. It’s a big deal for a dog to trust a human like that. So, when you rub their bellies, you’re acknowledging that trust and strengthening your bond with your furry friend.

Pure Bliss

Have you noticed how your dog’s legs start twitching when you rub their bellies? Well, that’s a sign that your dog is experiencing pure bliss. When you rub a dog’s belly, endorphins are released, which makes them feel great. It’s the same hormone that humans produce when we laugh, exercise or eat chocolate. So, in some ways, belly rubs can be like a mini natural high for your furry friend.

The Sensitive Underbelly

Another reason why pups love belly rubs is that their underbellies are sensitive. Dogs’ bellies have thin fur coverings, so the skin there is quite thin and soft. That’s why your dog may react positively when you touch or scratch them there. Plus, your dog’s stomach contains a lot of nerve endings that are linked to their spinal cord, making it more sensitive to touch. Rubbing their bellies can be a relaxing experience, especially after a long day playing with other dogs or humans.

Simple Attention

At the end of the day, dogs love belly rubs simply because they’re getting attention and being loved. Dogs thrive off attention from their owners or caregivers. When you give them belly rubs, you’re giving them complete attention which is exactly what they want. Dogs love getting attention, and belly rubs are an excellent way to give it to them. You’re showing them that you adore them.

Breed Differences

Lastly, some dogs are more prone to enjoying belly rubs than others. Some breeds such as the Golden Retriever, Basset Hound, and Corgi love belly rubs more than others; However, that does not mean that all dogs like belly rubs. Some breeds, such as the Japanese Chin, are not keen on having their stomachs touched, so, it always helps to observe your dog’s reaction and respond accordingly.


Dogs love belly rubs because it’s a sign of trust, it’s relaxing, it’s attention from their owners and simply gives them pleasure. It’s what makes them the happiest and it’s undoubtedly one of their ultimate weaknesses. Rubbing their tummies is not just good for them, it’s good for you too. A happy and contented dog always makes for a better, stronger and more meaningful bond.