Getting your dog groomed makes them look and smell amazing. It can also help with their overall health and happiness! Fast Tracks has a great team that can provide your dog with a bath, nail trim, brush outs and more. Request a reservation today to get your pup looking and feeling their best!

If your dog is using one of our many services, we highly recommend a Go-Home Bath prior to departure. We have many outdoor play areas and it’s very common for pets to get a little dirty when out playing with their friends.


Each of our package grooms are organized by your pup’s weight. If you’re not sure we have a scale on-site for your convenience.


Let us clean up muddy paws with this inclusive service of a brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, and deep cleansing bath – topped off with dog-safe cologne!


All of the comforts of a spa day, with an added feathering cut! This is done specifically for dogs with furnishings (think the back legs of Golden Retrievers and Brittanys).


If your pet has longer fur and fluff, choose the Haircut to receive a brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning and a refreshing bath with comfortable drying. Afterward, your dog’s fur is cut to the desired length, including close trimming for sanitation and foot pads in addition to their full body cut. If you want anything specifically shorter/left long, just request it from our groomer!

Extra-Small Dog (1-10 lbs)

  • Spa Day: $20
  • Trim Cut:$30
  • Haircut: $50

Small Dog (10-25 lbs)

  • Spa Day: $30
  • Trim Cut:$35
  • Haircut: $55

Medium Dog (26-45 lbs)

  • Spa Day: $35
  • Trim Cut:$45
  • Haircut: $75

Large Dog (46-65 lbs)

  • Spa Day: $45
  • Trim Cut:$55
  • Haircut: $95

Extra Large Dog (66-100 lbs)

  • Spa Day: $55
  • Trim Cut:$65
  • Haircut: $115

Extra-Extra Large Dog (101+ lbs!)

  • Spa Day: $65
  • Trim Cut:$75
  • Haircut: $135

Individual Services (One Size Fits All)

  • Nail Trim/Dremel: $12
  • Full Brush Out: $12
  • Go-Home Bath: $20
  • Sanitation Trim: $10
  • Anal Gland Extraction: $10