Fast Tracks was founded in 2014 under the guidance of Justin Franzen. Fast Tracks is not like many other facilities in America, which all too often overbook and under-train. Here at Fast Tracks, we treat your dogs as our own furry family. They receive 24/7 attention, allowing for a comfortable and caring environment. Our friendly staff are knowledgeable in dog breeds, health and wellness, behavior and communication and safety – all with a profound love for our furry friends. Plus, they’re FetchFind approved!

Our staff are the heart of Fast Tracks. Our friendly and experienced pet professionals get to know each pup individually, taking the time to understand their unique personalities and behavior. Our team members have an innate understanding of dogs and develop special relationships with all the pups that come through our door. We strive to make sure each pup feels safe, secure, loved and happy when they’re in our care!