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Here at Fast Tracks, we treat your dogs as our own furry family. They receive 24/7 attention, allowing for a comfortable and caring environment for boarding, grooming, training and daycare. Our friendly staff are knowledgeable in dog breeds, health and wellness, behavior and communication and safety – all with a profound love for our furry friends.


At Fast Tracks, we provide a comfortable and secure home away from home for your four-legged family member while you are away. Our dog boarding facility includes a variety of amenities, including kennels and suites so your pup will have plenty of space to stretch their legs, as well as supervised playtime activities. We strive to make sure your furry friend has the best experience possible during their stay with us

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At Fast Tracks, we offer a full range of grooming services to ensure your pup looks and feels their best. We offer baths, haircuts, nail trimming and more, all tailored to the individual needs of each pet. Our experienced groomers take care of everything from head to tail so your furry friend looks and feels wonderful!





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At Fast Tracks, we offer Fear Free Certified dog training to help ensure the best possible experience for both you and your pup. Our trainers provide a safe and positive learning environment, while still providing structure, respect, consistency and reinforcement. We focus on creating an enjoyable learning experience so that your pup can reach his or her maximum potential!

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At Fast Tracks, we provide a safe, fun environment for your pup to socialize and play. Our dog daycare offers supervised activities, plenty of space for exercise and opportunities for enrichment. We strive to ensure that each pup has a pleasant day filled with friends, games and toys.






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Welcome to Fast Tracks, where we provide the ultimate pet care experience for your pup. Our luxurious facility has been designed to provide a comfortable, safe and stimulating environment for your pup while they are away from home. At Fast Tracks, our experienced and highly trained staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of care for your pup. We believe in creating a team that is passionate about dogs, with a strong educational foundation in canine care. Our staff receives extensive training on animal behavior, enrichment and health, allowing us to provide the best possible care to our furry guests. Our team is committed to creating a welcoming environment for your pups, where they can relax, play and make new furry friends. We are proud to offer an array of activities, including outdoor play areas, swimming pools, training and grooming services, all tailored to meet the specific needs of each pet. We are excited to welcome you and your furry friend to Fast Tracks Canine Activity Center, and look forward to providing the best possible care for your beloved pet!


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