Benefits of Naptime at Dog Daycare

It’s Part of Their Natural Sleep Pattern

Napping is built into a dog’s natural sleep cycle. This is why we have built naptime into Fast Track’s daily routine.

Naptime Allows Dogs to Decompress

Think about how you feel after a long day of socializing. You’re tired, right? The same thing happens to dogs. When they are at a dog daycare, dogs spend a lot of time with new faces and playing. Everyone needs quiet time to decompress after meeting tons of new friends, which is another benefit of naptime.

It Allows Staff to Take a Break

Let’s not forget about the lovely humans who are taking care of your fur babies. At a dog daycare, staff doesn’t get much time to rest let alone their own nap time. When the dogs are resting, the staff can recharge with lunch and other break time activities that don’t involve playing fetch.

Dogs Get Cranky Too

When dogs are overtired, it shows. They can get irritable, which could be cause for misbehaving. Even the sweetest dogs can get crabby when they aren’t well-rested, which is why naptime is important. The last thing we want to have to happen is an accident because the dogs are too tired to be playing.

Naptime Relieves Overstimulation

Our staff and your dog’s safety are of utmost importance at Fast Tracks. Being around lots of other dogs and new humans can be overstimulating for your pup. We incorporate exercise and playtime into the day so they release energy and feel comfortable, but the excitement can be too much for some dogs. Overstimulation can cause dogs to become anxious and act out of character. This can mean they ignore the boundaries of other dogs or disregard body language during play.

Naptime at dog daycare is just as important as playtime to maintain a balance. Implementing a rest period during the day will help prevent overstimulation and anxiety for your pup.

Naptime at Dog Daycare Laws in Iowa

Not only is naptime at dog daycare essential for your pup’s well-being, but it’s also the law. Under Chapter 67 Animal Welfare License, all dog daycares in the state of Iowa are legally required to provide a naptime. Rest time within a primary enclosure must be provided for a minimum of two hours per day.

At Fast Tracks, we have always known that naptime is essential for your dog to have a happy stay at our dog daycare. We implemented a naptime before it was a legal requirement because we knew of the benefits.


To sum it up, naptime at dog daycare is very beneficial. Without it, can you imagine a day of dogs playing nonstop for hours? We can, and it’s not only exhausting, it would be unsafe. If you’re looking for a dog daycare that includes naptime and considers your dog’s health every step of the way, call Fast Tracks today!